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Was that a snake that just flew by my head? In Abracabattle, duel as a wizard with weird and wild abilities, competing to see who will reign magically supreme. Players take turns learning powerful spells from each of the four elements: Snake, Crystal, Feather, and Cheese. Use your spells to create ridiculously powerful combo chain reactions to battle and defeat your enemy!



30 min


About the Game

Abracabattle is a card game about learning magical spells, and using them to fight your opponents in wizard battles. Spell cards are bought and placed into the player’s tableau, and are activated by rolling dice (kind of like in Machi Koro). By buying additional spells with complementary abilities, players will create strong and unique engines, each based around a different strategy and play style. 



  • Tableau building

  • Mix of luck and skill

  • Low downtime

  • Variable player powers

  • High replayability

  • Many viable strategies

  • Brawl gameplay

  • Major combo-building



  • 4 Spellbook tableau sheets

  • 1 Bag of wisdom tokens

  • 4 Health tokens

  • 64 Spell cards

  • 8 Wizard cards

  • 8 D6 dice

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