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© 2019 Joshua Finkel



I graduated from Newton South High School in 2018, took a gap year, and began NYU in fall of 2019. At NYU, I am majoring in Interactive Media and Game Design and minor in Animal Studies.


My main interests and passions include:

1. Art and creativity

  • The reason I love game design is because games are interactive, unlike most other art. In drawings and animations the audience mostly just observes and watches, but in games, the audience interacts directly with the art, and so as a designer this new dimension gives me so many more ways to express my creativity.

  • My art always has a unique angle; I love thinking about things from a creative perspective, and twisting reality

2. Animals

  • I have volunteered at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston for three years both as an educator and zookeeper aide. I am very passionate about wild animals, and am interested in zoos, how they can be ethical and important, and the roles they play in our society.

  • I have taken classes at my high school in Sustainability, Conservation Biology, and Environmental Science, in order to round out my knowledge of the environment, animals, and related issues.

3. Other interests include:

  • Geography

  • Judaism

  • Psychology (nature and nurture, and what motivates people to do what they do, disabilities & inclusion)

  • Star Wars

Timeline of 13 years of my existence: