I am a sophomore at the NYU Tisch School of the Arts, majoring in game design and minoring in business and entertainment. Previously, I have worked as a freelance artist to design logos, figures, and publicity materials for a variety of clients, including a top VC firm, a TV executive, and Yale Medical School.  In 2017, I was honored to receive the Scholastic and Boston Globe Art & Writing Gold Key Award for excellence in the visual arts, for a platformer game I developed.  I also have graphic design experience from marketing NYU productions and promoting school fundraisers-- including for COVID relief.


I chose to major in game design because I have loved to draw, paint, and create stories and cartoons my whole life. I started developing my very first games at age 6 out of playdough and cardboard. I am drawn to games because they have the unique trait of being an interactive form of art. My cartoons, drawing and collages are static-, but games are meant to be played intimately and games is a way to bring my art and creativity “to life”. Game designers have the unique position in that they can create their own worlds, which players enter and interact with. As an artist, the interactivity and depth that games offer is rewarding, because it offers me a deeper way to express myself and my creativity.


My other interests include animals, Judaism, psychology, Star Wars, and geography. Many of these influences are evident in my art.

Timeline of 13 years of my existence: