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Noam Borensztajn and I are working on making a new boardgame, called “Shrago!”, and are preparing it to eventually be sold in stores / online.


The picture to the right shows the prototype version.

The game is about working together, backstabbing, and betrayal. It is very cerebral, and requires a lot of strategic play and deep thinking. It starts off slow, but quickly picks up pace, gets competitive, and the end is always pretty down-to-the-wire.


Check back at this page for more updates about the status of the game, or follow me on Instagram (@whoajoshwhoa) or Facebook (whoajoshwhoa) to get alerted whenever I post a game update. 

(thanks to the Pixels and Polygons School for Digital Art and Animation for your support)


Copyright Josh Finkel 2019

Shrago! Prototype boardgam prototype
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