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You have stumbled upon an abandoned witch’s workshop! Work among a coven of witches to recover and brew decrepit potion recipes, to understand the potions’ mysterious effects while enduring misfortunes along the way!



60 min

About the Game

Covencraft is a game about gathering resources and spending them to draft cards and to brew magical potion recipes. The main twist of the game is that resource management and drafting are usually selfish mechanics, but Covencraft is cooperative, and so players can only give resources to other players and they all must work together. Players spend their turns investing in and relying on each other, as they get closer and closer to winning the game.




  • Cooperation

  • Drafting

  • Resource management

  • Multi-use cards

  • Actions

  • Crafting recipes

  • Victory points



  • 88 Cards

  • Game board

  • 1 Coven leader marker

  • 5 Potion tokens

  • 5 Misfortune tokens

  • 35 Ingredient tokens

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